Mac Choir
Posted Sunday, June 28, 2009 02:22 PM

We have forums on the Band, Track, presidents, teachers, etc.  Surely someone out there has some memories of the Choirs!!!  Let's hear from you!

I remember, from elementary to high school, everyone kept telling me to quit singing in the lunch line.  Didn't even know I was doing it~!  I have such great memories of choir, contest, trips, etc., but mostly of the people.  Singing "Hey Jude" on the way to contest.  The choir trip to Houston and singing in the Astrodome!  The choir trip and the oranges Ken Jones brought along, full of vodka that he had injected.  I always knew his experience in VICA would come in handy!  Poor Mrs. Flood never knew what hit her!

Mark Karpel, Ken Fischer, Ken Jones, Carolyn Andrews, Maggie many beautiful voices and hearts. And we were all going to grow up to be Carol King, Joan Baez or James Taylor..................

Beverly Eldridge