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Profile Updated: September 25, 2019
Residing In: Spring, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: L. Alice
Occupation: Retired Theatre Designer/Techical Director
Children: Denaysa K. 1980
M. Kirstine 1982
Military Service: Army and Army Reserve  

Ohhh. So much to tell and condense.

Due to lackluster grades in the three “R”s, there was no way a college was going to accept me. I did pay attention in Drama ( Baca), speech (Gartman), drafting (Heidleman), Art (Biggs), Band ( I should know this. Pearson? ), history, science, so I had a deep appreciation for life, just not for Math and English. However, in Texas at that time, if you were a veteran they had to give you two semesters. No matter how much an academic loser you were. So it was off to the Southeast Asian War games for this recent Mac graduate. With my background, I was fortunate to qualify and be accepted and trained into the Army Security Agency. At the same time I was an Entertainment Specialist (O3B) and did theatre, radio, television and USO Shows. Not a bad gig for a dumb ‘ol, humble, country boy. Here I matured, continued my life experiences, met a woman, and was able to get into SWTSU at the end of my military run. And what choice did I make as my primary discipline?

Theatre Arts.

Not a surprise to most. Since both my parents were professional theatre folk, and I spent all my extra time at local theatres and the Mac stage. So, there I was, a Theatre Education major with an Art minor. Then, I get married at the end of my first semester. The lovely and talented L. Alice, already a college graduate, guides me down the path of education. I finish in three years and a summer. During the same period, she obtains her graduate degree. I teach at Bedichec Junior High School in Austin. Drama, Speech and Art. Somewhat fun. But not hugely rewarding what with parents and administartion. So what do I do? Go back to graduate school. Now I must digress here. Teachers are amazing people. It just was not my great love. I am surrounded by teachers. Both son-in-laws are teachers. One daughter is a teacher and the other an occupational therapist in an elementary school ( she made the right decision ), and my wife spent 28 years in the secondary schools before “retiring “ and moving over to the college level. ( Another bright decision ) So when I am done with graduate school at Texas Tech in Theatre Production, it is time to get a job. Raise a family. Prepare for our long term future. The job market is tough for an older, married man ( 28 at that time ) who needs enough salary to support an upcoming family. I join the Army Reserves to make a few extra coins for a short period and find I really do like it. Thirty-two years later I retire. There were a few bumps in this road – Operation Just Cause and Operation Desert Storm, but for the most part, this was a very rewarding ancillary career. And most of it as an instructor, or running instructors. Who would have thunk?
In Lubbock, I become an insurance investigator. Took lots of courses in Atlanta. Climbed the corporate ladder. While at the same time, I was freelancing as a set designer. I had a company car and we bought a house. And, we start to build a family. Three years later, I am offered a job with the United States Government to do theatre.

The taxpayers are going to pay me to design theatricals! Me. The theatre dweeb from Mac. Whoever would have guessed? So it is off to Fort Carson, Colorado to make my less than fortune, but to be happy doing what I always wanted to do. Ten years later – the theatre is shut down. ( More politics than budget ) The Army finds me a job working in an Arts and Crafts Center. Teaching stained glass, photography, ceramics, oil and water coloring ( Thanks Mr. Biggs ). I still continue to freelance. And lo and behold – I am offered a job at the United States Air Force Academy. To do Theatre. Now, the USAFA is not known as a liberal arts institution of higher education. But it is a job. I accept. ( a no brainer, here )

so, for the twenty-four years or so I have designed and built theatre sets. Here I am the Technical Director for a major, 3000 seat road house in Colorado mounting touring shows from Broadway, major acts from around the world, Pop, Country and Rock concerts with the periodic big name comedians, movie premiers and heads of state speaking. Another not so bad gig.

In October of 2012, I retired after my wife, we I sold our home in Colorado a purchased a home in Spring, TX, and moved. I'm a Texan again.

Here’s the short version:
After Graduation from Em-Ai-See Ai-Are-Tee Aitch-Yu-Are MacArthur
US Army - spook and entertainment; SWTSU - Theatre Education; TT - Theatre Production; Army Reserves - civil affairs, NCOES instructor, Operations NCO, SGM; Insurance Investigator - target and high risk incidents; Theatrical Designer – US Army; Theatrical Designer – US Air Force Academy; both my parents, in Texas passed away in the first decade of the 2000's ; sister – Rahni (Mac ’07) living in Dallas area, one husband, five children; brother – Eric ( Mac ’84 ) [ not a typo ], living in Floresville, one wife, three children. I have been married for 44 years. Not terribly long for individuals our age, but it is when it is to the same woman. ( We were all raised during a different era )
I have two daughters, both married, once; both have their advanced degrees and are working in those fields. Both hold a good job. Both son-in-laws hold advance degrees and are employed. We all seem to love our spouses. Three grandchildren.

I have had ( outside of the Army ) eight automobiles; four address changes; three home telephone numbers and two personal E-Mail addresses. I have had no jail time, pay my taxes on time and cook whenever I get the opportunity. I am 35 pounds heavier than when I graduated, no facial hair, no ink, no holes. Still short, same haircut ( just somewhat greyer ). I have grown older, though not grown up. ( I tried it once and it was no fun whatsoever. ) My desk is a complete disaster, yet my yard is a model.

Not a bad gig for a dumb ‘ol, humble country boy from San Antionio, TX

Life has glitches, but we all seem to be doing pretty well.

Y’all have my best wishes, admiration and prayers for continued success and happiness. Updated 25 Sep, 2019

School Story:

I was a bus rider to both Garner Junior High and to Mac until I obtained my 1965 English Ford Anglia from my drafting Teacher, Mr. Heiligmann, early my junior year. My sister had ridden the same bus route, Bus #4, with the same driver for three years before me. I rode this bus for four years. The driver was a coach ( his name escapes me ), small of stature but with large taxi cab ears. His demeanor and past history garnered respect and discipline from his charges. And his nickname was. . . “The Mouse”. He saw no humor in adolescent attempt at nom de plume. This moniker was spoken only in hushed, soto voice when there was little possibility of his presence.
My sophomore year, I did sneak into the bus yard and taped a small, stuffed mouse with HUGE ears on the dash. Monday morning, the stuffed rodent was still in place at the time of our collection. The Coach dropped his charges off at Garner Junior High and continued to Mac. However, before opening the door, “The Mouse” stood up and asked who had put the toy in his bus. He knew. I knew he knew. And I sat right behind him. Not being the brightest individual, I copped to the perceived infraction. He stated that I would make a meeting at a specific time in the Principals office. Amongst tittering, we were then jettisoned to continue with our academic duties.
At the appointed time, I was shuttled into the office with Mr. Vackey, Mr. King and Coach, uh. Whats-his-name. There seemed to be more discussion on getting into the bus yard than the end purpose of the breaking and entering. There were no “licks”, no calling of my parents, no detention. But I felt guilty. They knew. I knew they knew. They knew everybody knew without speaking it. From that day forward, I always got along famously with the Coach. ( You know. Not being a jock ) Probably pushing the envelope a little further than I should have on the bus and in the “halls of honor”.
The kicker was that stuffed mouse was moved from the center of the dash to the right side console of the driver’s seat. And stayed there throughout that school year.

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