Angi Reed Moore

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Angi Reed
Residing In: San Antonio, TX USA
Occupation: Box Office Director/Magik Theatre
Children: My son, Tanner Reed Moore, was born in 1979. My daughter, Avery Reed Moore, was born in 1989; my daughter, More…Clara Reed Moore, was born in 1991. As with all wonderful and unique human beings, they have given and continue to give me profound joy...(ok, realistically-occasional depths of despair, but mostly joy!)
Yes! Attending Reunion

Hmm. North Texas State (wow, that dates me), I mean U of North Texas, SAC. After moving back to San Antonio from Denton, worked and sang in bands (opened for Aerosmith once).Married in '76, 1st child in '79, fortunate enough to stay home til he was in Kindergarten. Sang in a heavy metal band, opening arena shows on tour and playing locally, while working as Human Resource Director at local department store chain. Little fractured, identity know, is it suit and heels day or leather and black eye make-up day? Recorded vocals for radio and tv spots and prerecorded music tracks for shows at Sea World. In mid eighties, did a rock opera, "ALICE and Wonderland" (Cheshire Cat) for about a year, in Austin at Paramount and locally. Lived at Canyon Lake for awhile, moved back to SA and taught preschool for awhile. Ran into director and playwright for ALICE at grocery store, came to work here in 1998 and never left. Unrelated, but sadly, my husband of 26 years left us a year later; no, he didn't die, he just left...The years 1999 to 2001 were the hardest ever...I lost my beautiful Mother to cancer in 2001, which required the mustering of more strength than I knew I possessed to get through. Had I not my family, friends and theatre family, I don't know if I could've done so... Have done several plays here, including one I'm most proud of, "To Kill a Mockingbird", among others. I can honestly say, I have never gotten up and not wanted to come to work in ten years...a blessing in my book! It is a wonderful creative place with the most extraordinary people to be with all day...I love my theatre family! Well, there you have it, the super condensed version...I suppose that is the only way one could relate the events of over 39 years, isn't it? Perhaps I'll attempt a more extended version at some point! Just suffice to say I am a happy person who enjoys a large measure of contentment in my life. I would say I'm a pretty fortunate one!

School Story:

This one I have to ponder...not sure the statute of limitations has run out...can I get back to you?

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Angi Reed Moore has a birthday today.
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Angi Reed Moore has a birthday today.
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Angi Reed Moore has a birthday today.
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Angi Reed Moore has a birthday today. New comment added.
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Happy Birthday, Angi.

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